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Taksi Kymenlaakso -Free of
charge with the taxi app!


Call 0100 87227

(1,25 € / CALL + 0,68 € / MIN + LOCAL NETWORK CHARGE)

No booking costs
when you use the app!

You can now download the new Kymenlaakson Taksi app.

With Kymenlaakson Taksi’s mobile app, booking a taxi is now even easier than before, and there are no booking costs such as phone charges or local network fees!

It allows you to see which taxis are available in your area, book and pay for a taxi ride and to track arrival of your taxi on a map in real time. You can download the handiest taxi app into your smartphone from the Apple App store or the Google play Store (the map and credit card payment features will soon also be included in the Android version!). Search for “Taksi Kymenlaakso” to fi nd the app. Once the app is installed, you are ready to book a taxi!

Please note that the Taksi Kymenlaakso app will replace the old Valopilkku app, which will no longer be available.


What does a taxi ride cost?

1,39 €/KM

2,10 €/KM

0,49 €/MIN

4,90 €/KM